Need a speaker for your event?

Are you looking for a speaker for your event who can talk about one of the most vexed questions of the western world - "Why is childcare so expensive?"

For 2019, the Organization for Economic-Cooperation and Development (OECD) determined that Australia had the fourth most expensive childcare in the world, absorbing 31.1% of a couple's average earnings. And when early childhood education and care costs for some parents have become more expensive than elite private schools, childcare fees are without a doubt a community hot issue.

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The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is the state’s peak body representing 1,600 privately-owned centre-based childcare services who employ about 25,000 individuals and serve up to 125,000 children and their families. ACA NSW is relentlessly seen as one of the most overt public advocates for quality early childhood education and care that is affordable for parents. ACA NSW directly engages with federal, state and local governments, government ministers, opposition spokespersons, parliamentarians, mayors, councillors, bureaucrats and peer sector leaders.

For your event, ACA NSW presenters could discuss with your audience, for example:

  • what are the differences between childcare versus early childhood education and care
  • what changed in 2011 when the National Quality Framework was introduced
  • why is early childhood education and care important for Australians domestically and globally
  • what are the promises and benefits of early childhood education and care
  • what makes up the cost of early childhood education and care
  • how have governments and the different political parties attempted to solve the issue of affordability
  • do plausible solutions even exist
  • what are the repercussions for parents, women, the extended families, the community and the Australian economy

ACA NSW President Lyn Connolly is a 42-year veteran of the sector, owning and operating now nine early childhood education and care services across New South Wales. Lyn has served as the ACA NSW President numerous times over the lifespan of the association. She has been a consistent and pragmatic leader for getting it right for children and their families.

Chiang Lim has served the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW as its CEO since August 2016. He is a professional industry advocate, organisational and business administrator, political agitator, entrepreneur and solutions seeker. His experiences span not-for-profit industry associations, information technology, telecommunications, defence, national and international standards development, human rights, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), local governments, and now early childhood education and care (childcare).

Both are regularly in the media spotlight and would happily and thoughtfully engage with your audience.

To request one of ACA NSW's speakers at your event, please e-mail your request to Our speakers can tailor their presentations to suit your audience. ACA NSW does not charge any fees for speaking but would appreciate any donation towards its research fund to assist with their advocacy work.