Sarah Rodrigues - Member Support Officer


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Sarah joined the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW on 17 March of 2017 as a Member Support Officer. She brings with her almost 10 years’ experience into her position of supporting members. Sarah has worked in five Early Childhood Services across Sydney, including as a centre director for 18 months in a private long daycare service. Sarah has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) degree from the University of New England, a Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood) from Macquarie University, teacher accreditation from BOSTES (now NESA), and a Diploma in Communication from the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology. Her passion for Early Childhood Education and Care for children is self-evident. She brings these experiences and passion into this role to better support all ACA NSW members.

Although originally from Washington (USA), this should not be held against her. Sarah is currently under an accelerating acclimatisation program in the ACA NSW office to ensure her Australian-ness is assured. In the meantime, ACA NSW members are asked to forgive her residual twang, and invited to test her Australian knowledge and culture wherever possible. This will inevitably ensure that Sarah and her husband (who is South African-Portuguese-Australian) will soon produce true blue Australian off-springs that embrace and celebrate the promise in our national anthem, “for those who’ve come across the seas ...”