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Childcare and Early Childhood Education Emergency Management

Australian Compliance Management is proud to partner with the Australian Childcare Alliance in helping to prepare people for those emergencies we hope never happen.

It Shouldn't Be Difficult to Protect the Children In Your Care:

We understand that businesses and their staff can be time and resource poor, let us take the worry, time, and pressure out of your day and let you focus on what you do best.

At Australian Compliance Management we take Fire Safety and Emergency Management very seriously. We specialise in the Childcare and Early Childhood Education industries and our team is well versed in the legislated requirements placed on your businesses. We live and breathe fire safety, emergency management and fire safety compliance. Let one of our Professional Guides listen carefully to the issues you’re facing, visit your sites, become familiar with your environments, and walk you through the requirements for your organisation. The model we use to fulfil your obligations is:




We can conduct an audit of your Centre and map out the path to full compliance.


Have evacuation diagrams drawn up. They provide clarity if an emergency occurs. We provide simple, easy to read, site specific diagrams that are fully compliant with legislation and standards and are national best practice.


Whether you have one site or 100, we work hand in hand with your teams to identify the emergency requirements for each site (fire, floods, storms, cyclones, chemical spills, external threats), and design individual Fire Safety & Emergency Management Plans for each site in your business.


We design site specific online General First Response and Fire Warden training. We develop dedicated training modules for your staff, visitors, volunteers, and contractors, and it’s all online, so it can be completed at work or at home 24 hours a day.


Partner Offer:

As dedicated Partners to Australian Childcare Alliance, initial setup fees associated with building your own private, secure PlanSafe Environment will be discounted 50% until the 1st of July 2021. Let us get you started on the path to Regulation 97 Compliance

To find out more about ACM visit or contact AUSCM on 1300 206 006

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