A&R 2022: Completing the Best Possible Submission

For 2022, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has updated and expanded its Quickies series of short but to the point presentations that help existing and new providers.

The ACA NSW Quickies are only 2 hours or less and held throughout the year in face-to-face, live webinar and video-on-demand formats. They are for Approved Providers, Owners, Directors and Nominated Supervisors with industry-specific information, advice, tips and even “tricks”.

The topics to be covered in the ACA NSW Quickies – A&R 2022: Completing the Best Possible Submission are:

  • How has the Assessment & Rating process changed since 1 January 2018?
  • What’s the difference between submitting a QIP versus the NSW Self-Assessment Working Document?
  • What do Exceeding versus Meeting versus Working Towards submissions for Assessment & Rating look like?
  • Which staff members and what skills are needed to assemble the submission for Assessment & Rating?
  • How to prepare your service well in advance for Assessment and Rating?

Historically, Assessment and Rating has arguably been the most complex in NSW. And since 2018, it has been made the more confusing given the changes in the National Quality Framework, their consequent interpretations, and the NSW Department of Education’s introduction of its Self-Assessment Working Document (as opposed to ACECQA’s Self-Assessment Tool).

ACA NSW has been able to gather its direct engagement with the NSW Department of Education and participating services the best possible information and advice to share and support services in anticipation of their next Assessment and Ratings.

Alignment with National Quality Standards:

  • 1.1 – Program
  • 1.2 – Practice
  • 1.3 - Assessment and planning
  • 2.1 – Health
  • 2.2 – Safety
  • 3.1 – Design
  • 3.2 – Use
  • 4.1 – Staffing Arrangements
  • 4.2 – Professionalism
  • 5.1 – Relationships between Educators and Children
  • 5.2 – Relationships between Children
  • 6.1 – Supportive Relationships with Families
  • 6.2 – Collaborative Partnerships
  • 7.2 – Governance
  • 7.2 – Leadership

The 2022 sessions are as follows:

Ticket Prices (not including EventBrite fees):

  • ACA NSW Members: $100 inc GST per person
  • Non-Members: $170 inc GST per person (or $150 inc GST per person for early birds up to 8 weeks prior)

Your Presenters:

For over a decade, Leeza Browne has been a noteworthy business leader in the Early Childhood space. Leeza is an experienced, teacher, and trainer, she understands the mechanics of owning a service both in the classroom and in the office. Driven by her desire to help others succeed she takes pride in coaching and mentoring business owners just like you on how to run high performing child care services. Owning an Exceeding service herself, as well as supporting other services to obtain an exceeding rating under the new system, she looks forward to helping you and your team do the same!

Other Benefits:

  • Live and interactive for all participants (face-to-face and on-line)
  • Video recording sent post-session with access to expire 3 months after
  • Handouts distributed before the start of the presentation
  • Certificate of Participation sent post-session (with references to relevant Quality Areas)