2018 Bus Tours

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW bus tours have been operating sonce 2016 and provide Approved Providers, Owners, Directors, Educators and Investors with an invaluable opportunity to gather insight in how Exceeding and Excellent services are operated everyday.


On the ACA NSW Wheels on the Bus Tour, you will be able to explore services and ask questions of the staff who work there on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps you can explore ways in which you can draw further inspiration from the services Exceeding or Excellent rating!

You will also learn about:

  • the commercial realities of childcare services as a business (eg labour shortages, regulatory costs, assessment & ratings, childcare oversupply/undersupply, industrial relations, parental demands, educational trends)
  • the architectural and design merits and rationale (including the local council and NSW Department of Education’s DA and Enhanced Approval Process respectively as well as the NSW SEPP)
  • the support structures available across the sector
  • the federal and state governments’ direction(s) for early childhood education and care (ECEC)
  • the global trends of ECEC and how they could affect Australian and in particularly NSW/Sydney

There may also be limited presentations by ACA NSW’s sponsors.

Each bus tour will:

  • leave the ACA NSW office in Parramatta by 9.30 am sharp
  • visit 3 services
  • return to the ACA NSW office by 4:00 pm
  • Refreshments and lunch will be provided

Who will normally be on the bus tour:

  • Lyn Connolly, President, Australia Childcare Alliance NSW
  • Chiang Lim, CEO, Australian Childcare Alliance NSW
  • Julie Madgwick, Consultant (formerly of ACECQA)
  • Donna Wehbe and/or Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Member Support Officers, Australia Childcare Alliance NSW

Ticket Prices 

  • ACA NSW Members: $90 inc GST, per person
  • Non-Members: $120 inc GST, per person


Click here to view 1 September Bus Tour Booklet

Scheduled Bus Tours:

Tour Status

February Bus Tour
24 February 2018


April Bus Tour
19 April 2018


September Bus Tour
1 September 2018


October Bus Tour
27 October 2018