2018 Network Meetings

Have you missed any of the 24 Network Meetings & Special Network Meetings held so far in 2017?

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW reintroduced Network Meetings across Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong where service provider members and non-members and their fellow owners and business decision-making directors can come together and discuss sector issues that impact on their childcare services, building collegial local communities of like-minded service providers.

Depending on demand, ACA NSW can conduct more Network Meetings in other cities and towns or on-line, subject to the Executive Committee’s approval.

What would be discussed at Network Meetings:
The current issues that typically would be discussed include:

  1. New Child Care Subsidy: Are you ready for 2 July 2018? Do you know how to calculate your new fees based on your parents’ incomes and hours of activities? Do you what your obligations are for electronic sign-in/sign-out data?
  2. Better Certificate III and Diploma courses: via Early Education and Care College (EECC) (powered by Kool Kids)
  3. Legal Names Synchronisation Request: Dealing with the Federal Department of Education and the NSW’s Enhanced Approval Process
  4. Lifting Our Game: An update on states/territories governments’ push for additional Commonwealth funding for an additional year of Universal Access for 600 hours for 4 year olds in a preschool program
  5. Wage Increases: An update on Fair Work Commission and the unions’ application to increase wages (eg by 39%-72%)
  6. General Update: ATO’s Single Touch Payroll, the new Notifiable Breach Scheme and existing Privacy Laws

There may also be limited presentations by ACA NSW’s sponsors.

Who will typically be presenting:

  • Lyn Connolly, President, Australian Childcare Alliance NSW - Please note that Lyn Connolly will not be present at this Network Meeting.
  • Chiang Lim, CEO, Australian Childcare Alliance NSW

When and Where are these upcoming Network Meetings:

  • Lane Cove (Lower North Shore Sydney) - Monday, 19 March 2018, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (Nicky's Kids Town - Lane Cove, 18-20 Orion Rd, LANE COVE WEST, NSW 2066)

Ticket Prices

* Members $10

* Non-Members $20