2020 Quickies: How to design the best performing ECEC centres

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has put together a series of short but to the point presentations that help existing and new providers. The ACA NSW Quickies sessions are only 2 hours or less and held throughout the year. They bring Approved Providers, Owners, Directors and Educational Leaders with industry-specific information, advice, tips and even “tricks”.

The 2020 series of ACA NSW’s Quickies is:

  • Help with NSW’s service provider approval process
  • Maximising & managing staff performance … LEGALLY
  • Secrets of the "new" A&R
  • Creating the best possible QIP/Self-Assessment Tool for the “new” NQF
  • Multiplying Success after your first Service – The foundational elements to replicate success
  • Improving Services from Fair to Fantastic
  • How to always be ready for spotchecks/compliance visits
  • How to ensure approved providers have best-of-class policies & documentation
  • How to design the best performing centres
  • Getting the CCS Application Process to work for services and families
  • How to recruit staff like professional recruiters


With now an oversupply of childcare centres in many places across Australia, how do existing and new entrants design their best performing early childhood education and care centres that can assist them in achieving financial sustainability?

And is design limited to the aesthetics and what meets the eye of existing and prospective children and their parents? Or does design of best performing services harmonises the architectural with function and objectives so that the best educational, social and well-being outcomes can be realised?

Presented by Dr Brenda Abbey of Childcare By Design (https://www.childcarebydesign.com.au/about_dr_brenda_abbey.php), this ACA NSW Quickies session is designed for existing approved providers who are considering renovating their existing services, as well as new entrants who are either building or rebuilding toward a new centre. The session will canvass:

  1. Which are the best performing early childhood education and care centres, what do they have in common, and why?
  2. How do the best designed centres’ strategies also incorporate their services’ philosophies and the staff operations?
  3. Can the best designed early childhood education and care centres prove superior educational, social and well-being outcomes?
  4. What are the latest global and Australian trends that approved providers can benefit from?
  5. Is it possible to future proof best designs or can services evolve over time? Or do services have to factor in periodic refresh as part of their longevity for success?

The 2020 sessions are as follows:

  • Wednesday, 6 May 2020, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, via Webinar [COMPLETED]
  • Friday, 21 August 2020, from 10 am to 12 pm, via Webinar (register here)
  • Wednesday, 14 October 2020, from 10 am to 12 pm, via Webinar (register here)

Prices are:

  • ACA NSW members: $100 inc GST per person
  • Non-members: $170 inc GST per person