Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Memerbship are immeasurable, but include:

  • Expert policy, advocacy and lobbying efforts on behalf of all members;
  • Telephone support on a range of matters including regulations, assessment and rating, staff issues and policy development;
  • Information on wage rates and industrial relations matters, including complimentary access to expert advice for complex inquiries, via our membership of the New South Wales Business Chamber;
  • Information and advice on licensing and regulatory issues;
  • Access to expert legal advice (the first fifteen minutes are FREE, with discounted rates applying thereafter);
  • Weekly Update member email, providing the latest sector-specific news, information and advice;
  • Timely Member ALerts, issued whenever and as soon as urgent early childhood education and care matters arise;
  • Free subscription to Nurture Nook, an quarterly ACA NSW publication;
  • Free subscription to Belonging Magazine, the Australian Childcare Alliance's quarterly national magazine;
  • Discounted training, including professional development workshops, webinars and conference workshops;
  • Access to the members-only sections of the ACA NSW website, providing relevant, timely and detailed resources and information;
  • Other special offers and discounts through our partnerships with the sponsors, advertisers and business partners.

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