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"Always a helpful person on the other end of the phone"
Leanne Hamilton, Avondale Early Childhood Education Centre
6 May 2019

"Our presenter was very engaging and informative, very knowledgeable and answered all questions confidently! I learnt a lot from the session"
Melissa Dinh, Shining Stars Early Learning Centre
6 May 2019

"Always excellent. Keep up the good work."
Eddie Biyik,  Your kids Our kids
6 March 2019

"Always on point  with up-to-date info."
Linda Hungerford, Sylvania Waters Early Education
6 March 2019

"Very prompt and professional service."
Marcos Guirguis, Mighty Kidz Early Learning Centre
22 February 2019

"Thank you so much for all your assistance this morning and always, Liz. You are always so incredibly helpful and don’t make me feel like a fool. You really do keep me sane."
Anna McFarlane, Columbus Early Learning Centre
08 February 2019

"Thank you for the quick answers,information we receive from you every time we contact you"
Houda Moukhaiber, Active Angels ELC
06 February 2019

"Very knowledgeable and polite."
Ozden Mustafa, Bright Start For Kids Early Learning Centre
01 February 2019

"Very helpful and prompt response to my questions"
Hannah Kennedy, Appleseed Childcare
29 January 2019

"Very positive and helpful"
Fiona Kelly, Little Stars Kindergarten
18 December 2018

"The assistance was excellent, beyond expectations"
Stephanie Kougious, Kids College
17 December 2018

"Documents supplied by ACA were successful. I do not need to attend Jury Duty"
Jamie Theodorakakos, Little Stars Kindergarten
14 December 2018

"Thank you so much always helpful 👍😊"
Houda Moukhaiber, Active Angels ELC
13 October 2018

"Very helpful and professional"
Loretta Walton, Echidna Early Learning Centre
05 October 2018

"Thank you, I am always satisfied with your services😊 "
Houda Moukhaiber, Active Angels ELC
01 October 2018

"Prompt, efficient and friendly"
Loretta Walton, Echidna Early Learning Centre
28 September 2018

"I feel extremely fortunate to have your support. I especially appreciate all of the time you’ve taken to ensure that I have the process knowledge and tools I need . It is always very helpful to have your input. I really appreciate your guidance, and the time you spend with me."
Simone Wilson, Babyccino
26 August 2018

"Liz went over and above to help me with my situation."
Renae Carey, A Magical Time Children's Centre
17 August 2018

"I have emailed Elizabeth on 2 occasions recently enquiring about enrolment records. I appreciated Elizabeth's prompt and very helpful response."
Kelly Gibb, Little Sails Pre-School
17 August 2018

"Went above required to help me in my question. the lady went away to investigate the correct answer and then called me back."
Rita Totino, Peacock Street Long Day Care
12 August 2018

"Whenever we contact ACA for compliance or legal assistance we always get great guidance and answers. The team are always helpful and research an answer and get back to us if they don't have it at their fingertips."
Mariem Terry, Lalor Park Early Learning Centre
10 August 2018

"Very helpful and when she didn't know the answer went looking for one."
Patricia Appleby, St Faiths Gumnut Kindergarten
16 July 2018

"Elizabeth was extremely helpful and gave us some valuable information on the CCS when we were desperate and we could not reach our own software provider for advise. Your staff have been useful on many occasions, only I cannot remember the name of the person. Recently I called to get some information on the staff wages and on this occasion too the lady was extremely patient and helpful. Thank you very much."
Marie & Rashmi Ariyasinghe, Greystanes Pre- School Kindergarten
15 July 2018

"It’s great to have a body that can clarify and advocate on behalf of private operators/members"
Jan Slade, Our Place Preschool
29 June 2018

"The support was excellent as always with Chiang."
Owen Hewitt, Lake Macquarie Educational Preschool
23 June 2018

"Chiang provided exceptional assistance and was very accommodating with organising an appointment. His guidance has been very useful in getting to understand the CCS subsidy."
Stephanie Kougious, Kids College
20 June 2018

"Sarah is veer knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to help with queries and concerns."
Tamara Owsnett, Nest Early Learning
13 June 2018

"Extremely pleased with the level of support, the respect and well educated responses that Sarah always presents"
Nadia Choueiki, Youngies Long Day Care Centre
4 June 2018

"Positive feedback from parents such as clearly explained and well informed. Very good notes with relevant details.Thank you for showing a sample fee calculation which is very helpful."
Amy Tan, Glory Childcare Centre
5 June 2018

"The girls are always very helpful and patient - it is great to have somewhere to go when you need the answer in a hurry!"
Patricia Appleby, St Faiths Gumnut Kindergarten 

4 June 2018

"Belinda from Parramatta was fantastic. She looked into my enquiry and got back to me straight away."
Catherine Barakat, Little Graces Childcare Centre
4 June 2018

"Donna answers the phone with such enthusiasm and is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable."
Helen Christie-Perez, Baulkham Hills ELC
19 May 2018

“I'm so impressed with the ACA especially completing this day after the IECS. The effort all volunteers put into this organisation is beyond my expectations. They are true advocates for the industry. The Information I received was of extreme value. I knew exactly what to do next, Where to get extra information. Even what language to use when discussing my 'situation'. Sarah and Belinda were compassionate, understanding, clear and concise with the information they gave”
Catherine Hustler, Teddy’s Little Treasures
23 April 2018

“Mr. Chiang is very compassionate with his community service role and has taken a servant-hood position. I respect their prompt response and got my questions solved.”
Amy Tan, Glory Childcare Centre
21 April 2018

“The staff are amazing always seeking ways to help”
Nadia Choueki, Youngies Long Day Care Centre
4 April 2018

“Always been more than happy with the support given. She was very understanding and supportive. We discussed the Consent forms mentioned in the latest ECED Newsletter. Encouraged me to ring back for the latest information”
Dagmar Lekkas, Little Munchkins Pre School and Day Care
1 April 2018

“I have always received excellent service”
Janene Williams, Happy Days
26 March 2018

“The support which I have been getting over the last 3 months has been invaluable! Thank you very much. We did resolve the issue recently.”
Patricia Appleby, Gumnut Kindergarten
26 March 2018

“Always professional & happy to assist us! We really appreciate your amazing support, THE MAGORITY of the times I know the answers to my queries but it's nice to get reassurance from your support team.”
Anna Stylos, Starkingdom Childcare Centre & Kindergarten
24 March 2018

“Belinda is incredibly knowledgeable and knew the answer to my enquiry immediately and gave me the correct action to take.”
Mariem Terry
9 March 2018

“Absolutely Amazing! Detailed, on point and exactly what I needed to know! The team at ACA is always helpful, courteous and informative. I am always impressed at the prompt help I receive.”
Helen Christie, Baulkham Hills Early Learning Centre
5 March 2018

“Chiang was very supportive and helpful in providing direction to enable a resolution with Decs over the new testing procedure and proving written material to activate the state politicians”
Rob Bateman, Little Miracles Childcare
2 December 2017

"Very impressed with the swift response received and felt well supported. Thank you." 
Gaye Williams, Thirlmere Pegasus Early Education Centre

"Keep going. Fantastic for staff to visit the Newcastle area and talk to the local childcare owners." 
Merrin Keegan, Eleebana Children's Centre

"I'm really happy that our sector is being represented very well with policy makers." 
Paul Pius, Oakhurst Preschool

"We've been a member for 22 years. We couldn't imagine NOT being a member of ACA NSW. They're our support base in a crisis." 
Andrew Heffernan, Culburra Beach Preschool

"The team made us feel so supported and had great advice for our service." 
Julie White, Ready2Learn Riverstone

“Very professional and had good background knowledge regarding my concern.”
Yvonne Draybi, Keen Kiddies Early Learning Centre
22 November 2017

“Information was good and calls returned in a timely manner”
Jan Slade, Our Place Preschool
18 November 2017

“The whole team are amazing”
Anna Stylos, Starkingdom Childcare Centre & Kindergarten
17 November 2017

“I think they handled the call well and response time is quick.”
Sarah Reyes, Active Achievers
5 November 2017

“I always find the ACA member helpful, very eager to help and ready to go out of their way to support you with the required information.”
Archana Sood, Macarthur ELC & Kindy Kollege Mount Druitt
6 October 2017