Degree-qualified & accredited ECTs to be on the public register from 2022 onwards

There were recent media reports that information about NSW-based teachers will soon be available via a new on-line public register.

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has been able to confirm the following:

  1. An on-line public register of NSW-based teachers will be operational sometime during 2022.
  2. This public register will include degree-qualified and NESA accredited early childhood teachers.
  3. This public register will be administered by the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA).
  4. At this stage, based on the NSW Teachers Accreditation Act and the NSW Teachers Accreditation Regulation, the information to be made publicly available will be:
    • the ECT's name;
    • the ECT's accreditation number; and
    • the ECT's type or level of accreditation.

Please note that NESA is legally required to maintain an accreditation list of all teachers (including ECTs) which will contain the details of NESA's decision(s) to refuse, revoke or suspend accreditations.

That said, based on a discussion with and assurance from NESA, ACA NSW understands that should an ECT's accreditation become refused/revoked/suspended, her/his information on this public register will simply become not publicly available.

Should members need any further information/clarification, please contact the ACA NSW team via 1300 556 330 or