Requesting additional financial support during COVID

In light of the number of children, families, educators, teachers and staff in self-isolation during this latest wave of COVID infections, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has already been in discussions about additional financial support for NSW-based early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.


  1. Child Care Subsidies can continue when gap fees are waived, and
  2. Allowable Absences have been increased from 42 to 52 days for the FY2021/2022 year;

... discussions are underway with the Federal Department of Education to provide greater clarity as well as flexibility in order to address the latest circumstances facing NSW's ECEC sector.

ACA NSW remains hopeful that last year's Business Continuity Payments (BCPs) might be reinstated in some form.

That said, we believe the NSW Government should introduce its own financial supports for all NSW-based ECEC services when they are negatively impacted by COVID. This is because NSW is now in Phase D of the National Plan and the NSW Government is directly responsible for all COVID restrictions (rather than the Federal Government).

ACA NSW will update members of our progress. In the meantime, ACA NSW welcomes members' input on what appropriate financial support are needed from either or both tiers of government.

To provide suggestions or for any further information/clarification, please contact the ACA NSW team on 1300 556 330 or