First two NSW councils to say new childcare centres are in 'inappropriate locations' as a byproduct of childcare oversupply

The first two NSW Local Councils (ie The Hills Shire and Hornsby Shire (in Sydney)) have publicly spoken about their concerns with childcare oversupply in terms of their "inappropriate locations" especially in low density residential areas (see Sydney Morning Herald, 14 October 2018). And we believe there will be more NSW councils speaking up too in the future.

NSW local councils
This coincidentally reinforces the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW's latest advocacies to both the NSW Government and the Federal Government where we provided them with practical solutions to address childcare oversupply that restores a set of planning powers back to NSW-based local councils, helping to better inform the market rather than relying on commercial speculations, as well as approving new supply to areas where there are genuine and demonstrable demand.

The Australian Childcare Alliance NSW's solutions above will help stop new childcare centres to be:

  • located in "inappropriate locations";
  • unfairly pushing childcare fees up;
  • further eroding childcare affordability for parents, and
  • ultimately putting at risk the operational viability of childcare services:

Should your local council's mayor and councillors wish to receive a presentation from the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW, please contact 1300 556 330 or via e-mail at