Sorry to 24 peak organisations

For those who know me personally, when I am wrong, I am wrong. And fair's fair. As a father of 3 children under 4, setting an example is important.

I sincerely apologise to the 24 peak organisations for my failure in adequately communicating the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW's position on the future of Assessments & Ratings where it may be distinct from my sector colleagues.

sorry note

The united letters to the NSW Coalition and NSW Labor dated 16 January 2019 remain an authentic consensus of the 25 peak organisations that worked so very hard to develop.

Unequivocally, ACA NSW remains supportive of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the adequate funding of its implementation and administration. Where ACA NSW chiefly differs from our sector colleagues is perhaps our emphasis on particular aspects of, associated processes underpinning, and engagement through the NQF as executed by the NSW Department of Education. This is separate and additional to the consensus position reached by all 25 peak organisations.

I genuinely thought that our published article had been written with more than sufficient differentiation and clarity. But I now understand that that was insufficient. Hence, I appreciate my sector colleagues who have helped me understand their perspective and deeply regret the unintended upsets and confusions that resulted. I seek my sector colleagues' forgiveness.

Chiang Lim
CEO, Australian Childcare Alliance NSW
8 February 2019