Waivers for degree qualified ECTs increased again in 2018

A common and increasing frustration of service providers is finding quality educators and teachers. Both are already in short supply. But with New South Wales' Regulation 272 requiring up to 4 times more degree qualified Early Childhood Teachers than any other Australian state for the same number of children, this problem is simply going to get worse and worse.

ECT waivers issued in 2017 2018

Under a Government Information (Public Access) application, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW was able to discover that in 2017, 285 temporary waivers to Regulation 272 were issued by the NSW Department of Education. Yet in 2018, 437 temporary waivers were issued. That is a 53.3% increase in the number of waivers issued!

And during the 2019 Roadshows and Review of the National Quality Framework sessions that are currently being conducted during May and June, a curious question was posed by the NSW Department of Education -- whether there is merit in removing the "actively working toward" option of staff.

ACA NSW is already concerned that the NSW Department of Education’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 does not identify that there is a labour shortage, even though its own 2017 Workforce Literature Review says there is one. ACA NSW will continue to urge the NSW Government and the NSW Department of Education to address the problem of the current lack of quality labour supply first before we even start considering the removal of “actively working toward”.