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Imagine a completely different experience when it comes to early years professional learning and development events, quality and compliance advice and support and practical solutions for almost every problem facing early years services.
From beginning to end we give you an experience that is legendary. We devote ourselves to understanding the early years profession, the many and varied early years service contexts and their individual communities and when we combine this with your goals, magic happens.

Astute Early Years Specialists support clients throughout Australia with:
1. Buying an existing childcare centre
2. Developing a new centre
3. Expanding or improving an existing service
4. Providing ongoing operational management
5. A successful A & R
6. Navigating legislation
7. Compliance assessments
8. A successful A & R
9. Achieving an Exceeding rating through our 12 week Signature Piece

Our 12 week Signature Piece

Originally developed for services that have achieved a rating of ‘working towards’ it’s been refined over time to extend to all services that:
1. need to (or want to) improve their quality rating,
2. have a tricky business problem they need to solve or
3. simply want to ensure they bring their ‘A’ game every day for the children in their care.
Our signature piece is a 12 week leadership, coaching and continuous improvement program for the whole service team, led by the service director and supported by Astute Early Years Specialists.

Approved Provider support

Owning a service is a large responsibility and a huge commitment to many people. The health and wellbeing of the children and your team members must be your priority and at the forefront of your mind, while the trust and respect of your parents and the community is critical to your success.

Let’s not forget that your viability and marketability can depend upon:
• the rating your service receives from the Regulatory Authority under the NQF,
• the word of mouth in your community, and
• what parents and families are saying about you online and to their friends.

Then, there are so many laws, rules and regulations – what happens if one slips through the cracks and you are no longer compliant? No wonder so many service providers think it’s all too hard or place too much pressure on the director to be a superhero.

Astute Early Years Specialists understand the complexities service providers face daily. Your service has a unique context and so needs an individual solution to the challenges you experience. This can be multiplied if you have more than one service or can become very complex if your services have challenges or contexts that differ from each other.

Astute will guide you through the processes to ensure you are compliant, meeting the National Quality Framework, and financially successful.


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