ACA NSW Policy Templates

Why is it important to have policies?

The Education and Care Services National Regulations stipulate that every early childhood education and care service in Australia must have policies and procedures. It is important that the quality practices of early childhood education and care services are supported by policies that are relevant, accurate and reflect the latest industry information and service philosophy. A comprehensive set of policies, tailored to your service's unique circumstances, will help you meet the requirements of the National Quality Standards and help your service run smoothly. ACA NSW has developed a series of Policy Templates to help guide you through the policy development process.


The Policy Templates

The ACA NSW Policy Templates are designed to provide guidance on the range of issues that should be considered when developing policies for your service, and to give you a foundation from which to adapt the policies to tailor them to your individual service/s. The Policy Templates should be used as a guide only. Services should review each policy and add to them as required to ensure your individual circumstances are reflected in the final policy. Specific advice may need to be sought from relevant government authorities and/or legal/ financial advisors to suit each service's individual needs. Our policy templates contain more than 110 policy samples and 30 information sheets to assist members. These policy templates are updated regularly, with members advised via our Weekly Update emails of any changes.

Current subscribers can access our policy templates by clicking here.  Please note that you must be a current financial member and have purchased our policy templates in order to access these (see below).


How do I purchase and access the Policy Templates?

ACA NSW Policy Templates are available to current Member Plus only beginning 1 July 2017. You must be a current financial Member Plus (not Member Classic) member of ACA NSW to keep your access to policy and document templates valid. Templates are provided to members via secure, online access only. Please click here to access the Membership Pack to purchase your subscription to Member Plus.


Are Policy Templates Complimentary for Members?

ACA New South Wales provides members with Policy Templates for compulsory policies under Regulation 168 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Click here to access these free policies (NB: you will need to be logged in as a member to access these).



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