In a little corner of   Chatswood, on the north side of Sydney, you’ll find our little piece of magic.   We are over the moon to be recognised as exceeding the National Quality Standards in early childhood education and are inspired to play our part in bringing exceptional learning to our children and families.


What sets us apart is the love, heart, and soul our children get every day, our passion and commitment to our chosen profession, our amazing team and our strong family relationships. We pride ourselves on our inviting learning spaces, the foundations of our philosophy,  our exuberance and the passion that we put into all that we do.

The genuine connection between teachers, educators, families, children, and management gives everyone that ‘a place to call home’ feel and a place of support for our children, families, and staff.

Our learning environments are aligned with children’s interests and act as the third teacher, evoking new opportunities for children to delve deeper into their learning and appreciate new ways of thinking as they learn through play, inquiry and co-construction.

Creativity is a key area of our curriculum and is the source and essence of everything we teach. By learning through and appreciating the arts such as visual arts, music, movement, drama, sculpture, loose parts play,  mindfulness, we awaken the soul and potential within.

As Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach – “nothing without joy”, our days are filled with Love, Laughter and Learning.