In the News

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW engages with the media in order to communicate important issues about the sector on behalf of its members. The following lists where ACA NSW were mentioned: 

17 Sep 2018 ABC Radio (Riverina): The often misunderstood cost of childcare
30 Aug 2018 Australian Financial Review: Parents lured with free iPads, groceries amid childcare glut
9 Aug 2018 ABC News: Child care providers and parents reporting teething problems with new subsidy system
6 July 2018 Now to Love: Much ado about nothing - There is NO gun play ban at NSW childcare centres
5 July 2018 Ten Eyewitness News: ACA NSW Survey on Toy Guns
5 July 2018 Seven News: ACA NSW Survey on Toy Guns
2 July 2018 Illawarra Mercury: Illawarra educators and parents confused by new child care subsidy
2 July 2018 Sky News: Impact of the New Child Care Subsidy
2 July 2018 ABC News 24: Impact of the new Child Care Subsidy
2 July 2018 The Australian: New childcare subsidy a slug for some parents
20 June 2018 7 News/Yahoo: NSW Government budget preschool plan under fire
20 June 2018 Australian Financial News: NSW government budget preschool plan under fire
14 June 2018 The Daily Telegraph: The so-called "gender pay gap" is a red herring
13 June 2018 SBS Online: Childcare groups slam draconian regulation
11 June 2018 Sydney Morning Herald: Doubts over quality ratings for childcare centres
23 September 2017 Daily Telegraph: Calls for rules sending sick kids home to stop spread of diseases
17 July 2017 The Australian: Global survey shows Australia rates poorly for funding early education
30 April 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney suburbs are oversupplied with childcare places: long day care industry
14 April 2017 Newcastle Herald: Hunter faces 'oversupply' of childcare centres
12 April 2017 ABC Newcastle: Childcare oversupply for Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong emerges in industry data
12 April 2017 My Express: Childcare oversupply across some NSW suburbs emerges in attention data
11 April 2017 2NUR FML Newcastle is stuck with an oversupply of childcare