In the Media


The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW engages with the media in order to communicate important issues about the sector on behalf of its members.

This listing indicates where ACA NSW was mentioned: 

10 Jun 2022 Hope 103.2: Federal Labor's proposed Universal Childcare policy. What is that?
21 Aug 2021 AFR: Goodstart calls on NSW to restrict attendance at childcare centres
21 Jul 2021 SMH: Childcare sector split over whether it can afford to waive gap fees
21 Jul 2021 Brisbane Times: Childcare sector split over whether it can afford to waive gap fees
28 Jun 2021 7News: Greater Sydney lockdown's impact on parents, schools and early childhood education and care
18 May 2021 The Sector: ACA NSW raises concerns at WWCC renewal delays at time of protracted workforce shortages
18 Jan 2021 7News: Childcare Fee Increases
10 Jan 2021 Ten News: Positive COVID-19 case in a Long Daycare Centre
10 Jan 2021 Ten News: Childcare Fee Increases
4 Jan 2021 A Current Affair: Drug Testing in Childcare Centres
12 Jul 2020 Ten News: The end of (fee-)free childcare and the return to the Federal Government's Child Care Subsidy System
17 Jun 2020 The Australian: Centres welcome end of free childcare
8 Jun 2020 Ten News: End of [Fee-]Free Childcare
3 Apr 2020 A Current Affair: How the new free childcare system works
27 Mar 2020 Ten News: Interview with ACA NSW President Lyn Connolly about dire consequences of COVID-19
27 Mar 2020 Paul Murray Live: Interview with ACA NSW President Lyn Connolly asking for intercession to the Federal Government to stop job losses
26 Mar 2020 Radio 2GB: Interview between Ben Fordham and ACA NSW President Lyn Connolly
23 Mar 2020 SMH: Early childhood learning centres to remain open in NSW amid confusion
6 Feb 2020 The Australian Business Review: Bosses may force workers to take unpaid leave over coronavirus
1 Nov 2019 Radio 2GB (Wake Up Australia): Why are childcare fees (still) rising?
30 Oct 2019 ABC24 News: KPMG Report recommending "overhaul" of Child Care Subsidy
20 Sep 2019 Daily Telegraph: Mental health crisis as kids fear climate change will lead to end of the world
5 Aug 2019 Sydney Morning Herald: Childcare price rises leave Felicity working for almost no money
23 Jun 2019 Channel 7: Child Care Fees because of Minimum Labour Cost Increase vs Child Care Subsidy
15 Jun 2019 Channel 7: Calls for overhaul of NSW's childcare system
14 Jun 2019 Saturday Daily Telegraph: Fees go through roof as centres charge more than private schools
27 Feb 2019 The Daily Telegraph: Health Minister Brad Hazzard orders department to ‘hit urgency button’ on vaccination ‘loophole’
27 Feb 2019 The Daily Telegraph: Government to close vaccination loophole allowing indigenous kids into childcare without proof
9 Feb 2019 Women's Agenda: We can’t ignore impact of childhood costs on NSW families’: Australian Childcare Alliance NSW calls for inquiry
7 Feb 2019 Channel 9 News: Soaring cost of childcare in Sydney
7 Feb 2019 Sky News: Interview with ACA NSW President Lyn Connolly about cost of childcare and over-regulation
7 Feb 2019 Daily Telegraph: Childcare costs surge forcing Sydney parents to pay up to $200 a day
5 Feb 2019 The Sector: NSW ECEC sector collaborate in a call for change ahead of state election
07 Jan 2019 The Sector: ACA NSW puts politics in the ECEC spotlight ahead of 2019 elections
14 Dec 2018 The Sector: ACA NSW continues advocacy work through politicians with focus on CCS shortcomings
13 Dec 2018 Ten News: Launch of Federal Government's new Child Care Finder
13 Dec 2018 SBS News: Launch of Federal Government's new Child Care Finder
13 Dec 2018 The Sector: ACA NSW launch a campaign to gather evidence of inequity in assessment and rating
13 Nov 2018 The Sector: ACA NSW Award winners – 3 Bears Cottage sweeps the board
17 Sep 2018 ABC Radio (Riverina): The often misunderstood cost of childcare
30 Aug 2018 Australian Financial Review: Parents lured with free iPads, groceries amid childcare glut
9 Aug 2018 ABC News: Child care providers and parents reporting teething problems with new subsidy system
6 Jul 2018 Now to Love: Much ado about nothing - There is NO gun play ban at NSW childcare centres
5 Jul 2018 Ten Eyewitness News: ACA NSW Survey on Toy Guns
5 Jul 2018 Seven News: ACA NSW Survey on Toy Guns
2 Jul 2018 Illawarra Mercury: Illawarra educators and parents confused by new child care subsidy
2 Jul 2018 Sky News: Impact of the New Child Care Subsidy
2 Jul 2018 ABC News 24: Impact of the new Child Care Subsidy
2 Jul 2018 The Australian: New childcare subsidy a slug for some parents
20 Jun 2018 7 News/Yahoo: NSW Government budget preschool plan under fire
20 Jun 2018 Australian Financial News: NSW government budget preschool plan under fire
14 Jun 2018 The Daily Telegraph: The so-called "gender pay gap" is a red herring
13 Jun 2018 SBS Online: Childcare groups slam draconian regulation
11 Jun 2018 Sydney Morning Herald: Doubts over quality ratings for childcare centres
23 Sep 2017 Daily Telegraph: Calls for rules sending sick kids home to stop spread of diseases
17 Jul 2017 The Australian: Global survey shows Australia rates poorly for funding early education
30 Apr 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney suburbs are oversupplied with childcare places: long day care industry
14 Apr 2017 Newcastle Herald: Hunter faces 'oversupply' of childcare centres
12 Apr 2017 ABC Newcastle: Childcare oversupply for Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong emerges in industry data
12 Apr 2017 My Express: Childcare oversupply across some NSW suburbs emerges in attention data
11 Apr 2017 2NUR FML Newcastle is stuck with an oversupply of childcare