Sector Watch

The following are summaries extracted from documents received from the Federal Government and NSW Government under various means including the Freedom of Information Act and Government Information (Public Access) Act respectively.


The number of applications to become Approved Providers versus the number of actual approvals:

Number of approved provider applications

The number of Service Approval applications versus the number of actual approvals:

 Service approvals

The number of breaches of Regulation 97 and the number of services associated with those breaches:

Reg 97


The number of breaches where educators were found NOT to have adequately supervised children in their care in accordance with Regulation 122 or Section 165 

Reg 122


The number of breaches/non-compliances that had financial penalties successfully applied:

2020 09 30 Infringements issued


 The number of services that had financial penalties successfully applied:

2020 09 30 Services with infringements


The number of confirmed breaches for each type of service:

2020 09 30 Breaches by type


 The number of services the abovementioned breaches/non-compliances related to:

2020 09 30 Services with Breaches


 The number of deaths of children aged 0-5 years old while at early childhood education and care services:

deaths as at May 2021


The number of  waivers granted to services who have not been able to comply with Regulation 272:

Reg 272 waivers

The number of overseas-qualified Early Childhood Teachers approved by ACECQA:

ECTs at May 2021


 The amount of funding for non-equity 3-year-old children enrolled in community preschools:

Funding 3 year olds 20200707


 The number of applications received by the NSW Department of Education for waivers for Regulation 108, as well as the number of approvals:

Reg 108


The number of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Authorised Officers employed to conduct assessment and ratings across New South Wales:

  Authorised officers


The number of children who enrol into kindergarten across New South Wales earlier than when required:

Early enrollers to july 2021  

The number of waiver applications and waivers for Regulation 123 Educator to child ratios - Centre-based services:

Reg 123 waivers