To get EXCEEDING for the second time is a wonderful validation of our evolution and growth over 19 years.


We are a stand-alone centre and can focus clearly on it.  A centre is a bit like the human body because the whole is made up of small and large parts, which are connected.  What happens to one part can affect another – strengthen or weaken.  We need to nourish every part.

The key to our “body” is involvement, starting at the top.  We nip and tuck strategies and policies to suit our vision.  Then maintenance is patient and consistent and persistent!  Child care is part education, part hospitality and part nursing – we remember to smile, be helpful and stay healthy.

Prospective parents and new staff regularly say the environment and atmosphere is welcoming and home-like.  Our licence is for 42 and we have two rooms – toddlers and preschool. 

Educational leadership is dedicated and driven by curiosity and wonder.  The enthusiasm and language skills in the preschool room are a product of really liking children (who would have thought!) and celebrating their daily achievements.  Routines are thoughtful and reassuring for the children, especially for the toddlers for whom we are often the bridge between home and a wider social circle. 

Communication is a huge element.  We encourage a non-judgemental culture.  Genuinely happy and cooperative behaviour between adults rubs off on children and creates a cycle of engage/listen/respond

We support educators’ wellbeing and professional development.  Personal needs are acknowledged and we try to be as flexible as possible to take care of them.  Trainees are not terminated because moving up a level makes them too expensive, and all educators are encouraged to gain further qualifications.  The bottom line is still OK and quality improves!  Educators are encouraged to put forward ideas and request specific equipment because by doing so they are motivated to follow through.  They then have ownership of the idea and the power to contribute.

This mind-set keeps staffing stable and creates a wide range of ages and experience.  From top to bottom we try to put ourselves in the other’s shoes and encourage this in the children too. 

Responsibilities are shared so there are no martyrs or misfits!  The roster and job lists are as fair as humanly possible. The QIP is divided up and everyone builds on their understanding of an area.  It gives meaning to why the regulations and rules exist, and over time a better understanding of smoothly running the centre.

Parents write moving testimonials which make our educators’ long days (even hunting down something on the internet at home in their pyjamas) and careful planning-with-love so worth it.  Parents note how settled, socialised and prepared the pre-schoolers are for school, after a year or more of our nurturing and guidance.  They mention how their toddler joins a group on arrival and is still playing happily at pick-up.  Their toddler is now fully toilet trained too!  Reading between the lines, these testimonials also express appreciation for the support we give parents and guardians in their times of stress.  There is always a sympathetic and constructive ear.

Our vision is to provide an educationally progressive yet homelike environment, where children are safe and valued, where we respond to the aspirations our families have for their children and where RSK is an integral part of the local community