Bright Buttons is a small 20 place centre in Waratah, Newcastle NSW. We have a strong focus on creating engaging and inviting learning environments where children are encouraged to play, learn and grow through a wide variety of interest based experiences. We strive to create a service where all families, children and visitors feel welcome in a calm and home-like environment.


Our small service provides the opportunity for children to be able to interact with their peers across all ages from 0-5 years old. We offer mixed age grouping and an indoor/outdoor learning environment for the majority of our day. This provides opportunity for siblings to interact and spend time with each other throughout the day. There are many benefits to mixed age grouping; including children having contact with other children across all ages. Younger children have the opportunity engage with their older peers and follow their lead in play. Older children have the opportunity to develop care, empathy and respect and often assert their independence to meet the needs of younger children.

We provide a play based learning environment for children based on their interests and skills, learning and development occurs through an interactive hands on approach that focuses on the process of learning rather than an end product. Each child's unique capabilities, interests and needs are paramount in our service and our environment provides opportunities for children to thrive through hands on experiences with people and materials.