Mikids Northern Beaches is a new family owned and run centre that provides a safe and nurturing environment where children are the heart of the centre. Our educators celebrate that children’s families are their first teachers and each child has a unique learning style.  


At mikids we value each child and aim to support them and their families in laying the foundations for their future. In doing so we work in partnership with specialised teachers, therapists and other community members to provide all children no matter what their needs with the opportunity to thrive. Our Inclusion Support Educator is on hand to support our families and children who require additional support and advocates for them in the wider community when needed.

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences underpins our tailored programs. As such, we embrace the different learning styles of each child providing them with learning opportunities via music, bodily kinesthetics, mathematics, visual, verbal, nature and grouping experiences. Our learning environments are open plan enabling children the freedom to move to areas of interest and areas that suit their learning styles. Our specialised art teacher further enhances our program by providing children with creative opportunities that both inspire learning and support it.

We acknowledge the importance of the early years in a child’s life and aim to provide children with every opportunity, intervention and support to succeed whilst at our centre and beyond it.