I STEAM Ahead is an Early Learning Centre in Brookvale caring for children aged between six weeks and five years and gives your child skills to become problem solvers and communicators of the 21st Century. STEAM is Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts and Maths and its very big in Primary Schools and definitely in high schools and it’s like a hands on project based type of learning and we started to look at how well can we incorporate that into the early years.


STEAM is a mindset approach, it is about creating children to be thinkers, problem solver, be creative, ask questions to be inquisitive. We pride ourselves on being a family run business an independent childcare. We are just excited to meet new people and see why we are different. We have been operating like a boutique style early learning centre and we have been able to create good ratios to children. The children are getting a lot of that one to one care. It is a personalised service and children interests can be really captured on and enhanced. We will we have tried to make the experience for parents as hassle free as possible it is basically a backpack and a bottle of water and we take care of the rest. We do include some extra curriculum activities and we like to include them in our prices, so we offer Young Yogis which is a yoga session for children. We have our Ready Steady Go sports program, and we have Happy Feet which is musical and fitness program. Kids love it, parents love it, and they do not have to pay or organise anything for it.

Our STEAM philosophy changes the way people perceive an educator, where traditionally the educator is teaching the children the facts, but we believe in the teacher stepping back and facilitating the children in their growth development. If we did not love children, we would not be doing this, and we generally have a very family orientated centre!