QikKids change of direct debit provider 

It is coming up to 1 year since QikKids was acquired by global solutions provider, Transaction Services Group (TSG). QikKids has been working closely with TSG’s leading payments platform service, Debitsuccess, to provide a streamlined platform to facilitate the direct debiting of parent accounts for child care providers around Australia. The team has already commenced providing this service for several hundred childcare services with great success.


TSG Chief Executive Officer, Tom Bell, says TSG is exited to add the software to it’s stable:

“Under the TSG umbrella, QikKids continues to remain focused on providing the childcare industry with the most innovating and holistic management software with a support team that is the envy of the industry. The QikKids team is particularly focused on the Child Care Subsidy changes and associated training which will be delivered in the coming months”, says Tom. “Importantly TSG will also be bringing to QikKids clients via our payments solution, Debitsuccess, Australia’s leading payments platform designed to help streamline parent payments, saving you time and effort”.

For QikKids clients who utilise the integrated payments platform, QikPay, by now one of the Debitsuccess team members will have reached out to you to discuss migration to Debitsuccess through a seamless process. Our goal is to ensure that your childcare business is not disadvantaged by this change. 

QikKids and Debitsuccess have created a website to help their clilents navigate through the change of direct debit provider, which includes some useful Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's) for ECEC service providers.

These include:

What is the change?
Debitsuccess will be the new direct debit billing solution provider that is being integrated with your Childcare Centre software: QikKids.

Why the change?
In May 2017 Transaction Services Group (TSG) purchased QK Technologies, who are the developers of Australia’s most innovative and comprehensive childcare management software - QikKids. TSG is the parent company of a number of leading direct debit billing solutions  providers across the globe - including Debitsuccess in Australia.  Early next year QikKids will  begin transitioning childcare centres to the Debitsuccess billing platform and EziDebit will start to be phased out.  Debitsuccess will be in touch with all QikKids customers to coordinate this transition.

Does all parent payment information get transferred to Debitsuccess?
Yes. All of your payment information is stored securely with in the QikKids gateway called QikPay. Once your database is migrated it will simply submit the transactions to Debitsuccess instead of Ezidebit.  Debitsuccess are PCI DSS level 1 version 3 compliant which means your data is secure.

Will there be any changes in charges to the school and to parents?
No.  Charges will be the same as current rates.

You can  read the full list of FAQ's and find further information on this website.

If you are a QikKids client using QikPay and have not yet finalised the set-up of your Debitsuccess account, we urge you to call the team on 1800 956 959.

For more information visit www.debitsuccess.com and www.qikkids.com.au