2018 Calendar Incentive Category Competition March Winner!

Congratulations to The Guardian Angel Preschool for winning our March 'World Wildlife Day' Calendar Competition!

We would also like to thank all the other entries!

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March 2018

One of our educators found a large spider hanging on the back gate. It was transferred into a viewing container for the children to observe. We found our spider book to try and identify the type of spider it was and discovered it was a Golden Orb Weaving Spider. The quiet nook was our favourite place to sit and observe the spider throughout the day. This instigated a program that lasted for the week. We began learning more about spiders through discussions and books as well as activities like playdough, drawing, craft and games. The children added legs to the spider bodies at our playdough table, made their own spiders from craft materials, drew pictures of spiders at the drawing and literacy table and painted spider webs with string.

The spider laid an egg sac in the top corner of our container which we were most interested in. The children observed the colour and position of the sac and noticed that the spider’s back was smaller. After some research we learnt that the spider could lay hundreds of eggs in that sac.

We listened to ‘The Very Busy Spider’, then worked together to make a spider web from wool. We then had to work our way through the web without getting caught. The children increased their knowledge about spiders and how they catch their food using their webs.

We learnt more about different types of spiders, what they look like and what they are called through a matching memory game. We had a discussion about which ones were poisonous but more importantly that we should never touch any spider.

Later in the week we released the spider and the egg sac back into its natural environment in a fork in the tree.

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ACA NSW loves this project and we are thrilled to have awarded The Guardian Angel Preschool a group yoga class for their preschoolers generously donated by Connect Kids Yoga!