Voice your views about Start Strong (in NSW) and Universal Access

The Australian Childcare Alliance (AC) NSW is seeking your feedback on the impact of early education funding through the Universal Access National Partnership (UANP) delivered as Start Strong funding in New South Wales.

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Since 2013, the Federal, state and territory governments have been committed to ensuring all children have access to at least 600 hours per year of quality early childhood education in the year before full-time school.

It should be noted that in 2019, the children in long daycare settings received as follows:

  • NSW - $456 per child per year
  • QLD - $2,011 per child per year
  • SA - $2,121 per child per year
  • VIC - $3,695 per child per year

In 2020, the Federal Government will provide $449.5 million to states and territories, contributing around a third to the cost of providing access to 15 hours of early childhood education per child in the year before school. (NOTE: Current and past funding information is available via this link.)

The Universal Access National Partnership is currently under review. ACA NSW believes it can be improved and be fairer to all children, not just some in New South Wales.

By the close of Friday, 4 October 2019, we are seeking your feedback via here or below to inform our national and state advocacies and submissions to the Federal and NSW Governments and Parliaments. We thank you for your contributions.

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