UPDATED: COVID-19 Guidelines for Services' Graduations

Of late, a number of Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW members have enquired about the COVID-19 protocols for end-of-year graduations and celebrations. And the NSW Department of Education has updated their first advice originally distributed on 14 August 2020 on 16 October 2020.

ACA NSW members can refer to the NSW Department of Education's COVID-19 Guidelines for ECEC Services (under Incursions) for the original source.

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Preschool graduations

From 12 November [2020], [NSW] services can host preschool graduations within the service, at an external venue or online.

  1. Services must complete a thorough risk assessment first.
  2. Maintain a record of names and contact details for all attendees, including staff, for at least 28 days after the event.
  3. Limit the external visitors attending to ensure compliance with the 4 square metre rule for adults.
  4. If seated, ensure there is enough space for distancing of 1.5 metre between adults from different households
  5. Ensure adults remain seated as much as possible to minimise mingling.
  6. Reduce crowding and promote physical distancing.
  7. Ensure there is no self-serve or buffet-style food service. If hospitality staff are engaged to serve food or take orders, it is recommended that these staff wear a mask.
  8. Promote good hand hygiene practices. Make sure that bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels or hand dryers. Have hand sanitiser at key points such as entry and exit points.
  9. For graduations held outside of the service, organisers must follow the venue’s COVID-19 Safety Plan along with NSW Health advice.

Singing and chanting in services

In an education and care service, group singing or chanting may take place outdoors or in large, well-ventilated areas. 

Members are welcome to contact ACA NSW on 1300 556 330 or nsw@childcarealliance.org.au should you require any further information/clarification.