At Star Club, we offer before, after and vacation care to the children of St Mary St Joseph Primary School since 2014. We aim to create a safe, welcoming space for the children where they can feel a sense of belonging. Creative play, sport and relaxation are the focus of our program. There is also an ASPECT school on the same school grounds, which gives us the privilege of caring for children living with autism.


Our Exceeding rating was earnt with a lot of hard work and dedication from the team and support of our families, children and school community. A special mention goes out to the Nominated Supervisor Gemma Rodriguez Gonzalez who shone in her role. Gemma successfully worked with the team to embedding exceeding practices well before assessment and ratings. Gemma holds high expectations for quality and is task driven – inspiring others around her. A special mention also goes out to all the wonderful Educators who have been instrumental in achieving great outcomes for the children.

We believe there were some stand out elements that helped us achieve Exceeding and these include:

  • A program created based on ‘children’s voices’ – an opportunity to explore young minds and what interests them.
  • Our educators know the children and their needs and have established relationships built on trust, respect and genuine care.
  • Effective communication with the Principal and teachers demonstrating a mutual care for children and families and desire to do what is best for them.
  • Meaningful contributions from parents such as the ‘climate change’ talk
  • Ensuring staff are supported by providing extra training when needed – this encourages their desire to aim high.
  • Promoting a philosophy of continued improvement is critical. Having the right attitude and always thinking how something can be done better challenges educators and improves systems and processes.

Achieving an ‘exceeding’ rating at an OSHC service is a great achievement, we are super proud of the amazing team, wonderful families and school community that we support.