Introducing the evidence-based The Positive Early Childhood Education Program – PECE Program – which is based on research about what works to maintain a calm and positive atmosphere in your long day care centre.

PECE is easy to get, to do, and to use and it’s helpful for ALL educators, no matter what their existing levels of training and experience may be. If you know your educators sometimes feel worn down, frustrated, unsure, or simply want to know more about practical, positive ways to support children’s behaviour and development, PECE is ideal.

What we offer:

PECE offers your team a brief, online way to learn 22 specific strategies to help support children’s social skills, emotional resilience and self-regulation AND it’s been shown to reduce workplace stress and increase job satisfaction.





How does it work?

PECE is flexible to meet the needs of every long day care service, and there is also an option to offer parents the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®. 
To read more about PECE and the research behind it, visit the PECE website:

Individual PECE…

…is the very affordable online program for educators ($199 per educator), easily completed online, with downloadable resources and prompts to engage in peer review.

Team PECE…

…is the addition of PECE Coaching to Individual PECE, to further support integration of skills and knowledge, use and model the self-regulatory framework approach, and implement strategies consistently across the full team.

Community PECE…

…is a way to bring PECE into a whole organisation/community, in conjunction with the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® for families.

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“The first program that I have seen that is foundational…[it’s] for everybody; it is for every child, every educator…it creates a common approach that can solve so many of the problems I see in my work.”

  • Mel Comerford, Director, Astute Early Years Specialists (consultants to the Early Childhood Education sector)


Personal PECE (for individual educators)

  • 4 online modules (only 1 hour each)
  • 22 strategies
  • Builds on educators’ existing skills to meet children's needs, support emotional regulation, and prevent or constructively respond to child behaviour that educators find challenging
  • Video learning, downloadable resources/ workbook
  • Peer-review system encourages practice and modelling self-regulation for children
  • Improved communication with colleagues and parents

Team PECE (for your centre or multiple centres)

  • Personal PECE (online program) plus coaching for educators (see below)
  • Common approach, better communication
  • Children helped to develop self-regulatory skills
  • Happier educators, lower staff turnover

PECE Coach training for director, lead educator, external consultant helps facilitate practice sessions with educators and support successful centre-wide implementation.

Community PECE (for a whole community/organisation)

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To speak to a NSW PECE Implementation Consultant, please phone 1300 846 811
or email: