Is CCS contributions still mysteriously disappearing from your service's bank account?

Even though the Federal Government guaranteed that their "reconciliation" process will not retrieve Child Care Subsidy (CCS) contributions from services' bank accounts after care has been given, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is very much aware that there remains other reasons why the Federal Government can still take back CCS contributions without permission.

still having problems with CCS

This can make early childhood education and care services feel like they are the Federal Government's reliable bank account for funds, regardless of whether there is a legitimate reason or not for such funds to be retrieved.

Working alongside our national body, ACA NSW has a guide and form that members can download, complete and send back to ACA NSW (via for assistance. ACA NSW will also contact you to confirm all the information that you have provided.

ACA NSW would use this to engage with the Federal Department of Education, the Federal Department of Government Services, as well as leveraging the local Federal Member who has him/herself direct access to in order to resolve the dispute.

That said, ACA NSW also strongly recommends that member services complete the Federal Department of Education's CCS Online Enquiry Form (see