From our overall summary comments:

Your service is commended on its achievements in Exceeding the National Quality Standard. In particular, careful planning, reflective practice and willingness to collaborate with families and other community organisations to enhance children's learning and wellbeing demonstrate the commitment to quality by educators at your service.

 Management and educators demonstrate a willingness to consistently reflect on service processes to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and families are present. Practices within service delivery are fostered around meaningful engagement with families and the wider community”.


We are a 90 place service in North West Sydney catering for children aged six weeks to six years of age with approximately twenty educators working each day. We are honoured to be recognised as an Exceeding service!  It is deeply gratifying to have two officers visit our service and recognise the emphasis we place on reflection of our practices and our commitment to continuous improvement. Recognising our links with our families and the wider community also means a great deal to us as we absolutely love our families and wider community and have been proud to have been a part of this community for the past ten years.


In true Berry Patch style, we celebrated by taking all our educators out to dinner at a local restaurant.  It was a lovely celebration to highlight our achievement.  We are looking forward to the future and know our wonderful educators will proceed with even more dedication and passion for the industry than they have demonstrated thus far.  We thank all our educators, children and families for making Berry Patch such an awesome place to be!