Can the NSW Regulatory Authority insist on any particular recruitment platform that Approved Providers must use?

This is a question that ACA NSW has posed to the NSW Department of Education, in particular in the context of applying for a waiver.

The NSW Department of Education provided the following written clarification on 21 March 2024:

“… the NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Regulatory Authority accepts all evidence of recruitment by an approved provider.

As per the [NSW Department of Education’s] waiver policy, staffing waiver applications must provide evidence of recruitment eg advertising and the outcome of a recruitment.

Every application received from an approved provider is assessed using a risk based framework.  Please see the policy at (page 11 refers).”

Please note that ACA NSW members are welcome to receive a copy of the original statement upon request.

And should ACA NSW members receive contrary instructions or information, please contact the ACA NSW team via 1300 556 330 or

ACA NSW does also recommend that members use good judgement on the appropriate recruitment/advertising platform to attract candidates to fill early childhood educator and teacher positions.