NSW funding for staff retention under potential rethink

In June 2022, the NSW Government had announced $281.6m over 4 years for investment into educators and teachers as well as staff retention. 

As best as ACA NSW can estimate, at least $11m have already been committed to over 440 scholarships for educators for their tertiary education. This is via NSW's 2022-23 Early Childhood Education Scholarships Program and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Education Scholarships Program.

That means there remains up to $270.6m available for the NSW Government's aspirations for staff retention.

ACA NSW has sought information and clarification from the NSW Department of Education as to what and how the balance of that funding will be used, especially given the severe/worsening labour shortages in the immediate and short term.

The NSW Department of Education was keen to remind that the (new) Start Strong and Affordable Preschool funding (article requires username and password to access) can help with staffing issues beginning January 2023. That said, they intend to come back to ACA NSW (and the sector) with more information and clarification about the balance of the abovementioned funding.