Member Spotlight: Little Zak's Academy, Brookvale

Little Zak’s Academy Brookvale opened its doors to families in August 2017, and has since welcomed over 1,000 families.

Our Exceeding-rated service is the largest in NSW, however our small room sizes and warm, welcoming staff members have created an atmosphere any child would feel safe to come to.

We are an Early Childhood Education centre, however our priority is the health, safety and well-being of each child, recognising their unique talents, perspectives, and needs. Our state of the art building facilitates the creative and safe exploration of the children’s environment, building a strong foundation of confidence and compassion. At LZ Brookvale, we are able to hire exceptional educators due to our reputation in the industry as an innovative, career-progressive service that welcomes all backgrounds. We encourage educators to bring their own specific strengths to their classrooms to create a diverse educational program that will serve the children, their families, and the community in the long term.

While we are most proud of our well-deserved Exceeding Rating by our governing body, the Department of Education, we also highly value the word of mouth recognition we have gained over the past 4 years. We believe our families played a big role in our ultimate achievement of such an exceptional rating, and could not be more thankful to our community. There is no better feeling than having the support of the incredible people we get to call our LZ Family!