Comfy Koalas

Disposable nappies that are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and actually work?

Say hello to Comfy Koalas.


Why Comfy Koalas?

Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney our mission is to rid the world of plastic nappies - one poop at a time! 

Our premium eco-friendly nappies are super absorbent, ultra-soft and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Made with biodegradable and renewable materials including bamboo sourced from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests, our nappies tick the green box! 

Super Absorbency With a scientifically balanced combination of high-quality SAP (absorbents) and TCF wood fluff pulp, our nappies can handle up to 310ml of fluids in one use. Our nappies have been optimised through rigorous user testing—proving that quality and eco-friendliness CAN co-exist.

Perfect Fit Our bamboo nappies have been designed to fit a baby’s body perfectly, with a unisex design that has been constructed and developed with feedback from hundreds of users. Our simplified sizing chart allows for easy size selection based on weight.

Our side panels generously flex whilst pulling comfortably around baby’s hips, ensuring a comfortable wear both day and night. Natural Bamboo Fibre Incredibly soft and a more sustainable material than cotton, bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, bacteriostatic, and hypoallergenic. Bamboo stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Made for Sensitive Skin Our hypoallergenic nappies have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin (goodbye nappy rash!) and have no prints, inks, or dyes.

Other important stuff you should know, we offer wholesale pricing to Childcare Centres as we know that bottom line costs are just as important as saving the planet.

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