Launch of WorkinEarlyLearning

We are excited to share the launch of with you, a joint initiative between ACA NSW and WorkinAUS. 

Our aim is to create a destination site for the early learning and care sector to help ease the skills shortage currently being felt by the industry.

There are many aspects that positively distinguish WorkinEarlyLearning from virtually all other recruitment platforms, including:

  1. It is a destination site designed specifically to assist the early learning and care sector meet its needs, so it displays only jobs in the industry.
  2. Content specific to attracting young Australians to the industry, people already working in the sector and also international talent keen to live and work in Australia.
  3. A database of over 20,000 candidates across the WorkinAUS network and growing.
  4. It amplifies reach through an ecosystem of interconnected government, industry and other stakeholder job boards, to find both Australian and international candidates.
  5. It provides powerful employer branding features to better attract candidates, for example the creation of company specific custom video-enabled job board.

ACA NSW firmly believes will soon become the recruitment platform of choice for the early learning and care industry.

It is completely free to register your business, and to advertise through WorkinEarlyLearning there is a special offer on monthly subscriptions, exclusive to ACA members:

WorkinEarlyLearning Value Package - Buy 3 ad credits for the month and get 3 bonus credits

WorkinEarlyLearning Growth Package - Buy 5 ad credits for the month and get 5 bonus credits

If you would like to discuss this offer further or find out more, please feel free to contact Michael Kinlan, Senior Business Development Manager:

Phone: 0439 050 911

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