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Let’s trial Queensland’s version of “crib breaks” ratios

On page 33 of the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS), the Review of the NQF discusses the existing and proposed alternative sleep and rest requirements.

Yet, as there does not appear to be any proposals to remove Regulation 299C which is used by Queensland-based services since October 2017 (as best as we can tell), it may be time to trial the use of Regulation 299C in New South Wales.

It should also be noted that many service providers are already running training programs for their staff from Red Nose Safe Sleep Education & Training packages and other training providers. And although deaths of children are and will always be tragic, there has been 2 deaths in New South Wales since 1 January 2012 to date.

Hence, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW believe that while all services would benefit from training based on Red Nose’s safe sleep practices (see, this should be combined with educator:child ratios during rest periods as expressed in Regulation 299C for centre-based services for all jurisdictions and not just for Queensland.

ACA NSW has published the following documents that will help Approved Providers and services understand all the issues and assist them with their responses via the NQF Review’s via survey and written submission:

By copying-and-pasting some or all of the Template Response’s content, or developing your own responses, it is nonetheless ACA NSW’s most fervent recommendation that Approved Providers and services submit responses to BOTH channels (ie via the survey as well as the written submission).

Please note that all responses are due by 30 April 2021.

The last live and interactive session where the Review of the NQF can still be discussed is:

And if you require any further information/clarification, please contact ACA NSW via 1300 556 330 or

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