NESA's Update on Early Childhood Accreditation Supervisors

As of 29 November 2022, NESA became the sole decision maker for teacher accreditation in NSW.

The following outlines changes to supervising a teacher applying for Proficient Teacher accreditation and how this may be affected by the reforms and the resources that you can access to understand the changes.

How will Teacher Accreditation reforms affect Accreditation Supervisors?

The key changes impacting Accreditation Supervisors who are supporting a teacher to achieve Proficient Teacher accreditation in the early childhood sector include:

  • Interim procedures for early childhood teachers who are working towards Proficient Teacher accreditation. These procedures apply until the accreditation requirements detailed in the NSW Teacher Accreditation Manual (the TA Manual) come into effect during 2023.
  • Accreditation Supervisors now declare whether a teacher’s practice meets the Proficient Teacher Standards rather than completing a Proficient Teacher Accreditation Report.
  • A new online orientation course is now available for teachers working towards Proficient Teacher accreditation.

What support is available Accreditation Supervisors?

Transition information for Accreditation Supervisors Fact sheet is available on the NSW Education Standards Authority website which outlines what the reforms means for Accreditation Supervisors.

How do Accreditation Supervisors familiarise and update their knowledge with the current changes?

An updated Accreditation Supervisor course outlines the vital role that Accreditation Supervisors role and responsibilities in Proficient Teacher accreditation is now available. The course covers topics and criteria such as supporting the teacher to select their documentary evidence, developing the teacher’s practice and many more topics.

New online courses available for teachers and Accreditation Supervisors:

Transition information is available for teachers, Accreditation Supervisors and the broader sector explaining the reforms .

For further information or questions, you can contact NSW Education Standards Authority on 1300 739 338 or email via