NSW Government's proposed employer supplements for staff retention

Amidst the NSW Government's announcement about additional early childhood teacher scholarships of up to $25,000, vocational education training scholarships of up to $2,000, there were also proposed employer supplements for staff retention.

Given the severe labour shortages for the early childhood education and care sector that was worsened by the consequences of COVID and the "Great Resignations", effective employer supplements for staff retention provided by the NSW Government would be welcomed.

Unfortunately, the NSW Government has not released details including:

  • the eligibility criteria of services to receive such funding
  • the commencement and end dates of such funding
  • the amounts that will be distributed as employer supplements
  • the evidence required of services to support the use of such funds
  • the tax treatment upon receiving such funds

ACA NSW will share and provide additional commentary on such details with members as soon as the information is provided.