Requesting clarification of the NQF in relation to the trial of complementary before-and-after-school-care across 8 schools

The NSW Government announced on 10 May 2022 to trial new/complementary before-and-after-school-care across 8 public schools alongside existing out-of-school-hours-care services.

During a Radio 2GB interview on 11 May 2022 with NSW Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning (the Hon Sarah Mitchell MLC), the Minister confirmed the following with respect to the 6-month trial:

  • There will an expansion of before-and-after-school-care services providers to include for example sporting clubs, dance groups and local chambers of commerce.
  • The NSW Government will cover the cost of all new/complementary before-and-after-school-care services so that they will be free to parents.
  • The NSW Government could continue to cover the cost of all new/complementary before-and-after-school-care services after the trial period.

Mindful that there are 1,805 out-of-school-hours-care services currently operating across NSW, ACA NSW has requested clarification of whether the NSW Government will now be allowing new/complementary before-and-after-school-care services to not be obligated to comply with the National Quality Framework.

There are 27 questions (see letter to Minister Mitchell) already submitted to the NSW Department of Education requesting their information and clarification in relation to this upcoming trial.

That said, ACA NSW has urgently requested Minister Mitchell to answer the following 5 questions:

  1. Will these new/complementary services be approved under the National Quality Framework? If not, how will they be approved?
  2. Will these new/complementary services be following the My Time Our Place Learning Framework? If not, what alternate Approved Learning Framework(s) will they be following?
  3. Will these new/complementary services be required to demonstrate a quality rating? And if not, how will they be assessed and rated as well as have compliance visits conducted?
  4. What staffing:children ratio requirements will they be obligated to follow?
  5. Since these new/complementary before-and-after-school-care services’ costs will be paid for by the NSW Government, will existing out-of-school-hours-care services in those 8 public schools experience a level-playing field by way of, for example, having their leasing costs reimbursed or temporarily extinguished as well as the gap fees of parents paid for by the NSW Government during the trial?

ACA NSW continues to be committed to an improved National Quality Framework that produces relevant and measurable outcomes for children and their families. And we are continually seeking fair and reasonable treatment of all Approved Providers of early childhood education and care.

As soon as ACA NSW receives a response from Minister Mitchell regarding the above, we will share them with ACA NSW members.

For any further information/clarification, please contact the ACA NSW team on 1300 556 330 or