One of three (3) TG's Wauchope campuses, our fabulous High Street campus receiving an overall rating of ‘Exceeding’ in 2019.  We are excited to share a snippet of our beautiful culture and learning environments and include a sample of the fun, laughter and memories we have here!


Our team of Educators and Management are enthusiastic towards creating a strong and respectful culture based on our 3 foundation stones:
-Building relationships: Developing and maintaining trusting relationships with all children, families and members of our beautiful community in which reflect love, trust, respect, compassion and fun.
-Understanding our gifts: Through developing these positive relationships with children, families and the community, TG’s promotes the understanding of our gifts, building a culture of diversity and inclusion.
-Encouraging Collective Thinking: Our team of educators have strong commitments to developing respectful relationships within their teams, children, families, community and incorporating their knowledge into our curriculums and experiences.

TG’s Child Care educators advocate for everyone to reach their fullest potential in a dignified and respectful way.
Our educators model excellence through team play- paddling in the canoe together.
During our Assessment and Rating process, our team embraced the opportunity to grow and shine, every situation is a ‘gift’, an opportunity to be curious and to ask questions!

Our centre’s geographical context reflects one of a ‘tight-knit community’ with secure and respectful relationships between our service and community members.
Many of our educators have lived within the Wauchope  and surrounding districts for serval years with trusting and loyal relationships with members of the community. Educators and community members have great understandings towards each other’s expectations and attitudes and build on the strength of each other’s knowledge to support the learning outcomes for children.