Concerns with selection & prioritisation of services for assessment & ratings

Since ACECQA's announcement proposing to reduce the notification period for assessment and ratings (A&R) to 1-5 days, ACA NSW has raised additional concerns with the NSW Regulatory Authority about their selection and prioritisation of early childhood education and care services for A&Rs, especially in the context of worsening shortages of skilled labour.

Based on ACECQA's own data (and even taking into consideration the turbulent COVID years), a new report shows a significant backlog of services that are well overdue for their A&Rs.

Yet there appear to be services that are notified for A&R who would generally not be regarded as being overdue for one. And with such a significant backlog, ACECQA's proposal becomes even more concerning.

It is worth noting that the NSW Department of Education had broadcast some clarification, that "... there are no imminent changes to assessment and rating in NSW". Moreover, the NSW Department of Education has agreed to engage in-person with ACA NSW members and the sector on Monday, 27 February 2023 at Club Parramatta.

Services are also reminded to provide their views on ACECQA's proposed change in the notification period for A&R. This survey will close at 11.59 pm on Friday, 20 January 2023.

For any further information/clarification, please contact the ACA NSW team via 1300 556 330 or