COVID-19: When you can't reach NSW Health

Although everyone should understand that the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is proving a significant challenge for everyone, including NSW Health, a number of early childhood education and care services with suspected incidences or may be impacted by secondary close contacts are experiencing longer than usual waits for the NSW Health via 13 77 88.

The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW strongly encourages members to still contact NSW Health but also contact the NSW Department of Education's Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate on 1800 619 113 as well to report COVID-related issues.

NSW Health has also published the following for your assistance:

And the NSW Department of Education has published a flowchart on the management of confirmed cases within early childhood education and care services

That said, should the wait be considered too long or if members remain unclear on what to do in suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, ACA NSW members are asked to contact the ACA NSW team on 1300 556 330 or as ACA NSW has been known to be able to assist.

And for all COVID related information for the early childhood education and care sector, please visit ACA NSW's COVIDwatch.