The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW has put together a dedicated webpage that offers all the information relevant for approved providers and senior personnel of early childhood education and care services in relation to COVID-19. This webpage will be continually updated so that services can access the latest information in one place.

 Please note that some may be reserved for ACA NSW members only and will require a username and password for access.



24 September 2021 Latest Restrictions Announced (23 September 2021) Read article
21 September 2021 Anticipating Mandatory Vaccinations Read article
11 September 2021 Latest Restrictions Announced (11 September 2021) Read article
7 September 2021 Suspending the clawback of CCS Read article
7 September 2021 Missed the deadline for the new Business Continuity Payments?  Read article
6 September 2021 Latest Restrictions Announced 5 September 2021 Read article
3 September 2021 ACA NSW seeks clarification following announcement of comprehensive mandatory vaccinations Read article
2 September 2021 DocuSign by tomorrow to receive new BCP payments Read article
28 August 2021 Latest Restrictions Announced 28 August 2021 Read article
27 August 2021 Avoiding the impending clawback of Child Care Subsidies Read article
27 August 2021 Jobsaver is now tax free Read article
25 August 2021 Explainer video about new Business Continuity Payments announced on 23 August 2021 Read article
24 August 2021 Managing Mandatory Vaccinations Read article
20 August 2021 Latest Restrictions announced & amended (20-21 August 2021) Read article
19 August 2021 No response over CHO's comments Read article
18 August 2021 Seeking urgent clarification on Dr Kerry Chant's comments (18 August 2021) Read article
18 August 2021 Priority Vaccinations for ECE Educators Read article
17 August 2021 Explainer video on Available Government Assistance (as of 17 August 2021) Read article
17 August 2021 Governments need to do more for ECEC sector Read article
14 August 2021 Latest restrictions announced (14 August 2021) Read article
10 August 2021 NSW Police may visit ECEC services  Read article
10 August 2021 When you can't reach NSW Health Read article
3 August 2021 Additional Absent Days granted during Greater Sydney lockdown Read article
2 August 2021 ECEC Educators/Teachers who may be eligible for (prioritised) COVID-19 Vaccinations Read article
2 August 2021 Use of Abscence Days during lockdown of the Greater Sydney region Read article
29 July 2021 Latest Restrictions announced (29 July 2021) Read article

20 July 2021

CLARIFIED: Facemasks may not be used when with children Read article
19 July 2021 Need for clarification on new(?) requirement on facemasks Read article
19 July 2021 Cleaners and Deep Cleaners as Authorised Workers Read article
18 July 2021  Legal advice on Stand Down provisions

Read article

Username/ password required

17 July 2021 

Clarification and information about the latest announcement of new restrictions for Greater Sydney region (including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour) until 30 July 2021:

  • about the Fairfield LGA, Canterbury-Bankstown LGA and Liverpool LGA;
  • whether services can/can't operate;
  • whether parents/guardians can/can't drop-off and pick-up their children;
  • whether ECEC personnel can/can't work;
  • which ECEC personnel need to be COVID tested every 3 or 7 days; and
  • what financial supports are available for services, employees and parents/guardians.
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16 July 2021

Unpacking: Waiver of Gap Fees

Read article
13 July 2021

More Federal and NSW Governments Funding Assistance

  • Payments to eligible individuals increased to $375/$600/week
  • Payments to eligible businesses of up to $10,000/week
  • Additional payments to eligible businesses of $1,500/fortnight
  • Additional grants to eligible businesses of $7,500-$15,000
  • (Re)newed requirement on landlords for mediation with tenants
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13 July 2021

New COVID restrictions for Fairfield LGA

Read article
7 July 2021 Local Area Emergency for Greater Sydney extended to 16 July 2021 Read advice
7 July 2021 Greater Sydney lockdown extended to 16 July 2021 Read advice
2 July 2021 Are QR codes mandatory for ECEC services?  Read article

30 June 2021

NSW Government's Small Business Grants of up to $10,000

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27 June 2021

​Latest rules, advice, suggestions and information on:

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23 June 2021

Latest facemasks & the square metre rules

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27 January 2021

Can you direct your employees to be vaccinated? (Members Only)

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21 December 2020

What MORE Government Assistance does your service need in the event of another COVID-19 outbreak?

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9 December 2020

Anticipating possible implications from COVID-19 vaccine(s) 

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24 November 2020

Clarification: QR Codes are NOT mandatory for NSW's ECEC services beginning 23 November 2020

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13 October 2020

UPDATED: COVID-19 Guidelines for Services' Graduations 

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28 September 2020

What to do in the event of a positive COVID-19 case(s) 

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25 September 2020

NSW Government's pre-qualified list of deep cleaning providers

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22 September 2020

Has your service been negatively impacted in/near a NSW COVID-19 'hotspot'?

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22 September 2020

 Are you eligible for JobKeeper (2.0) and the Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances post 27 September 2020?

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15 September 2020

NSW Government asked for declarations upon positive COVID-19 clusters 

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30 July 2020

ACA National Meeting shares COVID update with Federal Minister Tehan

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22 July 2020

Helping children to feel and be safe during COVID-19 

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22 July 2020

What if NSW had a second wave(s) or cluster(s) of COVID-19? 

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20 April 2020

More clarifications from NSW Department of Education during COVID-19

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20 March 2020

COVID-19 SMS Alert #3: 23 March 2020

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13 March 2020

FAQ: Can I use the "stand down" provisions (s524) of the Fair Work Act?

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4 March 2020

FAQs - Novel Coronavirus

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Other Resources:


Other Information for Approved Providers and Senior Personnel:

  1. Where is the current COVID-19 list of venues of concern?
  2. What is the official COVID-19 advice from the NSW Department of Education?
  3. What are the symptoms to look for?
  4. Which countries should I be paying more attention to?
  5. What degree of separation of people associated with my service should I be focused on?
  6. Which policy should my service be relying on?
  7. Is a dedicated Novel Coronavirus policy needed?
  8. Will the Federal Government provide Child Care Subsidies despite absences?
  9. What if parents refuse to pay their fees?
  10. Do staff need to be paid while in isolation?
  11. What is the current Australian and global statistics of infections and deaths?
  12. How does the Novel Coronavirus compare with current and past pandemics?
  13. Can masks be effective?
  14. How likely would the Federal or NSW Government force business closures?
  15. Does my business insurance cover business interruption resulting from the Novel Coronavirus?
  16. Can the Federal/NSW Government assist in terms of business continuity subsidies?
  17. What should I tell families?
  18. Who should I talk to if excluding children?
  19. Should I be charging parents if their child is excluded or that they choose to stay at home?
  20. What if a child is excluded and hasn't actually started their first formal day of care?
  21. Does this apply for Out-of-School-Hours-Care (OSHC)?
  22. Availability and use of personal (sick/carer's) leave?
  23. How should an employer pay employees who are isolated, but not diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus?
  24. What about casual employees?
  25. Can I use the "stand down" provisions (s524) of the Fair Work Act if my service is instructed to temporarily close?
  26. What government funding is there to pay for my staff if my service is instructed to temporarily close?


Important telephone numbers:


  • Public Health Unit (NSW Department of Health) on 1300 066 055
  • NSW Department of Education as the NSW Regulatory Authority (see website) or 1800 619 113 or
  • National Coronavirus Health Information line on 1800 020 080
  • Federal Department of Health's HealthDirect (24-hour health advice you can count on) - 1800 022 222
  • Federal Department of Education's Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) line on 1300 650 848