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Nominate/vote for your exemplary Authorised Officers

As members will recall, the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) NSW is on the recruitment panel with the NSW Department of Education for their future Authorised Officers. ACA NSW is grateful for this opportunity.

To further improve effective and trusted working relationships between services and NSW Authorised Officers, ACA NSW has planned to launch a monthly Authorised Officer Spotlight beginning early April 2021.

The monthly Authorised Officer Spotlight will feature an exemplary Authorised Officer chosen by Approved Providers based on a set of traits/criteria. The Authorised Officer Spotlight will also provide background as to why s/he has been selected.

ACA NSW also intends to conduct an annual vote of all the Authorised Officers who have been featured through ACA NSW’s monthly Authorised Officer Spotlight.

The most regarded Authorised Officers will be in the running to win the NSW Authorised Officer of the Year Award at the 2021 Excellence in Early Childhood Education Awards in October 2021 at the Hyatt Regency, Sydney.

For privacy reasons, all inputs (including votes) from participating Approved Providers will be received anonymously.

ACA NSW always welcomes any suggestions from members about the traits/criteria about the abovementioned Authorised Officers. That said, from past discussions with members, ACA NSW has developed a list of traits/criteria for these exemplary Authorised Officers and has shared this list with the NSW Department of Education.

Should ACA NSW members require any further information/clarification, or wish to contribute to the above, please contact the ACA NSW office on 1300 556 330 or