Wishing you & your team a super special Early Childhood Educators' Day!

We'd like to send our warmest wishes to you and your team today as you celebrate Early Childhood Educators' Day, both internally as a team, as well as externally with your families and children.

Over 2,000 early learning services have pinned themselves to the map of participating services this year. which is a strong indicating of how widely the day has been embraced across Australia. 

As you would be aware, Early Childhood Educators' Day creates the opportunity for service providers and their families to extend their heartfelt thanks on a very personal level to their early childhood educators for their wonderful work.

At the same time, ACA is extremely proud that the day is now well recognised by all levels of government and early learning stakeholders as an important flagship event that acknowledges and advocates for the important role our early childhood educators play in giving our youngest children the best start in life.

We hope that the planned strike today hasn't impacted many services, whilst reassuring all of our members that ACA is in ongoing conversations with the Federal Government around the immediate need for a wage increase for early childhood educators that doesn't impact the cost of early learning for families.

We will of course keep you informed as these conversations progress and hope that today's focus remains on the positive element of recognising and apprciating the work of our amazing educators. 

As part of your celebrations, you may like to:

We hope you and your team have an amazing week! Enjoy the celebrations!