Lyn Connolly, President

Lyn is Diploma trained and has for over 40 years been dedicated to providing a quality service of early childhood education and care to children and families, and sought after employment opportunities and career paths in her family orientated centres evidenced by the length of service of Lyn's educators.

Lyn believes the future of our nation rests on the children of today, that we as a society must ensure that all of Australia's children no matter their background must be given the opportunity to experience the early childhood education and care they need to give them the building blocks for school life and beyond so that they can become fine productive citizens of the future who will carry our nation forward to further greatness.

Lyn has been President, Vice President and also Executive Member of ACANSW (Australian Childcare Alliance NSW). She also held the position of Secretary and Executive Member of The Australian Federation of Child Care Associations and President, Vice President and Executive Member of the Australian Confederation of Child Care, Founding Vice President and past Committee Member and Secretary of the Australian Childcare Centres Association (a Federal Industrial Organisation representing private child care centres providers) Initiator and Founding Vice President of The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA).

Lyn has worked in a voluntary capacity for most of her 40+ years in the industry lobbying Federal Governments for funding for families that keeps pace with the increased cost of service delivery generated by regulatory and industrial change and for an accreditation or Assessment and Rating System that is measurable. In the state political arena Lyn has continually lobbied successive NSW Governments to deliver sensible regulations sensibly applied.

Lyn has for many years represented ACANSW (formally CCNSW) members in the print media and on television and on radio putting the case publicly to both the Federal Government and the NSW Government for better outcomes for centre owners, children and families and centre educators.